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The Top 10 U.S. Software Companies-2023

The top 10 software company name 2021 are below

Number 10:
VMware, Inc. (V.M.W): Based in Palo Alto, VMware provides virtualization- cloud, and related Application/software and services. It was acquired by EMC Corp. in 2004 and listed on the NYSE in 2007. With a market cap of $45.1B and a (P.E) ratio of 7.15, (V.M.W) although a subsidiary of  (E.M.C) remains a top U.S. software company in terms of market cap.
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Number 9:
Intuit Corp. (I.N.T.U): Intuit is a software and solution provider for the business and financial sectors. Its customer base includes small businesses, finance professionals, institutions & individuals. It has a market cap of $68.1B, a P/E ratio of 42.27, E.P.S of 6.18, and a dividend yield of 2.12.
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Top 10 Software

Number 8:
ServiceNow (N.O.W): ServiceNow is a cloud computing company that creates digital solutions for enterprise companies to manage their (I.T/I.C.T) employee and customer workflows. ServiceNow has a market cap of ($54.6B a P.E ratio of 90.46) and an E.P.S of 3.18

Number 7:

International Business Machines Corp. (I.B.M): N.Y.S.E listed I.B.M has 5 divisions: Worldwide Technology Services, Worldwide Business Services, Software, Systems&Technology & Worldwide Financing. One of the oldest I.T companies in the world, IBM continues to be among the top software companies in the (U.S) I.B.M has a market cap of $95.9B, a P.E ratio of 10.22, and a dividend yield of 6.48.

Number 6:
Fiserv (F.I.S.V): Listed on the N.A.S.D.A.Q, Fiserv is a software company serving the financial services industry. In 2020, Fiserv acquired payment processor First Data, which J.P Morgn estimated would boost its adjusted incoming per share by more than 21 percent in the year. It has a market cap of ($70-2.B) a P/E ratio of 60.48, and an E.P.S of 1.71.

Number 5:
Hewlett-Packard Co. (H.P.Q): N.Y.S.E-listed H.P is a global provider of software, solutions/services/technologies&products to individual consumers as well as large enterprises. It has a market cap of ($72B, a P.E) ratio of 14.7, (E.P.S) of 2.62, and institutional ownership of 80%.

Number 4:
Adobe Systems, Inc. (A.D.B.E): N.A.S.D.A.Q-listed Adobe, primarily known for its Acrobat Reader products has diversified portfolio of offerings. It has a wide range of software/apps products and services for content management / compatible across a range of systems, products, media & devices. With a market cap of ($162.1B) a high (P.E) ratio of 50.84, and an E.P.S of 6.60, Adobe ranks among the top (U.S) software companies.

Number 3:, Inc. (C.R.M): N.Y.S.E-listed Salesforce operates in enterprise cloud computing and social enterprise software/apps services, and solutions. Its entire suite of services is available through browsers, software/apps, and mobile devices. It has a market cap of ($131.1B) a (P.E) ratio of 164.93, and its E.P.S is 0.90.

Number 2:
Oracle Corp. (O.R.C.L.): Oracle is a global leader in database solutions and an established provider of enterprise software, middleware, services, and products along with computer hardware . It has primarily grown based on worldwide acquisitions. Its market cap is reported to be ($153.7B) its (P.E) ratio is 15.07, and (E.P.S) is 3.18.

Number 1:
Microsoft Corp. (M.S.F.T): The Redmond, Washington based company needs no introduction. It retains the top spot among software/apps companies. It is most popular products are Windows, Microsoft Office, Server and related software apps. Microsoft has a market cap of ($1.2T) a (P.E) ratio of (27.67) E.P.S of (5.74) and a dividend yield of 2.04.


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