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Users have ‘sudden’ problems with using Facebook.

Users have ‘sudden’ problems with using Facebook.

From 5pm to 5pm on Sunday, many people spoke about the problem of accessing the social media through the Internet.

Users are having trouble logging in to Facebook, sending something to Messenger, attaching, sharing or commenting because of the problem.

Once you enter again, sometimes posting or uploading content, users are in danger.

On the Internet, users from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Pakistan have had similar problems.

According to data from DownDetector.com, which monitors various popular websites, there have been reports of about 3 troubled users since the problem began.

It is not yet known what caused the problem.

Many have posted on Twitter that they cannot use Facebook. Users have already reported the issue through the hashtag #facebookdown on Twitter.

Earlier, users had to deal with similar problems on Facebook on March 7 and April 1. The problem was going on for more than 6 hours around the world.

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