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A crowd of people looking at Kala Hills worth Tk 20 lakh

The three-and-a-half-year-old cow is almost black. Therefore, the owner of the cow has named it Black Hills.

She has been reared and cared for for three and a half years. At present, the weight of the cow has been about 5 minds.
The cows will be sold in Eid-ul-Azha. So everyone in the family is busy spending time in caring for the cow. Meanwhile, people are coming from different areas to see the huge Kala Kala Hills.

Md. Adarsh ​​Khamri of Ilyshkol village of Baharpur union of Baliacandi upazila of Rajbari district. Qased Khan owns this cow.
Every day, the crowd is eager to see the huge black hill on his farm, he told RTV Online. At his farm, 12 more gurus have been fattened for sacrifice by eating indigenous food. Each of Cassid Khan’s cattle weighs between 5 and 20 pounds.

Five years ago, I bought two cows of Australian breed, he said. Later, I started rearing two cows with cows. One of these children went to the Eid of sacrifice and sold 3 thousand rupees. And I have been raising Kala Kala for three years. The weight of the cow is currently 5 beads. I wanted the price of Tk 20 lakh. Meanwhile, a cattle dealer in Dhaka has said the price is Tk 1 lakh. But Eid is still late. So the Guru did not sell in hopes of a higher price.
Quasid Khan said he had no desire to take the cattle to market, adding that buyers were coming home every day. I hope I can sell the cow at home for a good price.

Asked how the cow was reared, he said, Kala kala hill is fed five to six times a day with bananas, lettuce, straw, maize, potatoes, sweet potato, husk, khud, raw grass. The large-sized cows are bathed five to six times a day to keep cool. There is also a fan system to keep the cows in the air at all times.
Baharpur union chairman Rezaul Karim told RTV Online that Kassid Khan had built the Kala Kala hill weighing 3 gems for three years. Hopefully his hardship will be successful. He can sell the cow at a good price.

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