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Finally, the Padma Bridge opened its mouth on the issue of human being!

There is a rumor being spread that asthma bridges will require human mother. Do not be misled by the countrymen

The Padma Multipurpose Bridge Project Authority has requested each. Project Director Mohammad Shafiqul on Tuesday

The information was reported in a news release signed by Islam.

According to the notice, the mother of the people in the construction work of the Padma Bridge, a cousin called ‘Tha La’Gabe’

The project authority has come to the notice of the non-publicity of the Mahal through various social media.

We want to say clearly, this is a ‘job’. There is no truth to this. Such a non-“propaganda” word

Dand * ‘new non’ * paradise. The countrymen are being urged not to be misled by such an offense.

It is to be noted that construction work of Padma Bridge project is progressing rapidly. Within 20 piles of the main bridge

212 are finished. Out of the 12 peers, five have already been completed. So far 5

Span has been set up, which is now visible. Up to 8th June, the actual work of the main bridge is in progress

Percentage, progress of river governance is 5 percent and overall progress of project is 5 percent

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