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Mobile number and picture to be given on Facebook

There has been a lot of change on Facebook lately. These include concealing identities

There are also arrangements for cancellation of account opening privileges. Now at least one profile picture and account

Facebook does not allow you to open an account if you do not provide the necessary information.

In addition, many are being forced to give mobile numbers on Facebook. Account

Without verification of profile pictures and mobile numbers in the name of verification, it is difficult to open an account.

This is to prevent the creation of inactive accounts and to prevent the creation of anonymous accounts

Facebook authorities have said.

For those who have more than one Facebook account, IANS reports

Increasing the profile information on Facebook has become a problem. Login to Facebook

The owners of these accounts will have to go through the account verification process. If all of this

The account does not have a mobile number, but a Facebook mobile number and at least one profile picture

Would like However, Facebook did not open multiple Facebook IDs with the same mobile number.

Facebook has long been criticized for things like privacy or personal data protection

Being Many delete their actual accounts from Facebook and create a ‘fake’ account

Using Many times they do not give pictures or mobile numbers in these accounts. Even

Does not add anyone to the buddy list. View various Facebook pages and other via Facebook

Used to login to the app. Their mobile as a mechanism against these dummy accounts

Facebook will force the number and profile picture.

The fake verification of false accounts from Facebook accounts

Either way, Facebook authorities think it can be stopped. Of course, for those who don’t want information on Facebook,

They also have the opportunity to delete their account by downloading their information from Facebook.

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