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Basor night did not scream, the bleeding teenager died

Time is 2:00 pm. The duty doctor just barely sleeps in bed to rest. The call from the emergency was real. Sleep deprivation on the eyelids, the state of surprise in emergency. Female patient, sheets wet in blood. Face color is pale, white. Clothes indicate that a new marriage has taken place.

The name of the patient is Fuli (pseudonym). The doctor asked to take history, what happened? The newly arrived son-in-law, JA, and another 1/4 of the patients arrived.

Upon hearing the doctor’s question, the patient’s groom went out of the room like a thief. One woman who came with the patient said, “You are a doctor, you do not understand, I will say all!”

In their village, a wedding song is playing on the mic, interrupting the tree’s head. Everyone is busy at the wedding. Those who come to the groom are busy trying to show the elite and personality in the message. After the bargaining, what has been found as dowry by the bride is no less.

But the bride’s age has decreased. The baby girl, named Fuli Begum, has barely crossed the age of five. The father of the daughter is also happy to say goodbye to the girl by reading red saree.

If you have to say goodbye. Teaching girl until class seven. What is less Moreover, it sounds like a boy or not.

Get face to face in the backyard Chibote Chibote son’s uncle said, ‘Where can you find such a boy Mia? Moreover, if the boy is a little guilty, there is no problem, it will be okay after marriage. ‘

After the formality of the marriage, the girl was brought to her new home. The girl who has just started to learn the definition of life, is going from childhood to adolescence, before she can understand anything, her home tonight. The feminism is a celebration of honesty in this society. And marriage is just a social validation. The society is well ahead, but at the time of marriage, the opinion of the daughter is still secondary.

If the daughter is not taken into consideration or married after giving an opinion to the family, then there is no way for her to be raped.

Fuli wants to scream, but not to scream in the living room, Fuli has learned so much. False attempts to get out of the greed of the bride by throwing her hands and feet.

The social groom, the bride, when returned from primitive animality to reality, is wet in flower. There is still blood going on like Finki. The color of the face is gradually becoming white!

The flower is now lying unconscious in the hospital bed.

When he was being brought to the hospital, the eyes of the father-in-law were on the flowers. The whispers they were talking about were joking. It is as if all the blame is blown. Shame too afraid to look at someone. Then the loud noise of the engine driven car. Some more random moments. After a while, a doctor wearing a white apron arrives and holds her hand. I think that’s all.

The doctor, along with the nurse, examined Fuli Begum. Horrible perineal tear (genitalia and its surroundings are torn). There is still plenty of blood going on. Pulse was seen in his hand. Very few The patient needs to give blood on an emergency basis. Emergency operation should be done to fix the torn part.
The doctor is on duty to eat the frostbite with this critically ill patient.

Madam is called …

Blood needs to be managed in the primary way …

People who have come with the patient have been shouting in front of the emergency room for so long. The doctor came to tell you that urgently needed blood. Then everyone is quiet. Some moved to the side to get a cut. After some time the patient told them that they could not collect blood. Whatever happens!

The doctor tried to convince them. But no profit …

Madam arrived at 3:30 pm. At last, they agreed to collect blood. But the blood was not raised that night.

Fuli was taken to the theater of operation and the tear was repaired.

In the morning everyone in the patient’s father-in-law disappeared. Fuli’s father came in that morning, collecting blood somehow. Six days later, the patient developed septicemia. Infection spreads to the blood. Good antibiotics are needed.

The patient’s father came and said that they could not afford the cost anymore. The doctor advised that if you go to a government hospital, the cost of buying the medicine will be a bit off. But, the hospital means that one has to be on the patient’s side, keeping the activities. Want to take you home with a release, which will happen.

Fully was taken home by the release. He was admitted to the hospital again four days later after becoming more ill. The next morning at dawn. Once opened the eyes and closed the flower again. That closed end is off. No one could see if the eyes were glowing in disgust at this society. In the light of dawn, goodbye to the cruelty of life!

Flower died in ‘Acute Renal Failure’ Dhaka Medical was asked for dialysis, they will not be able to do so much trouble with the patient.

After that homestead the night before, no one came. What is their thinking or so, ten wives are found when a wife dies!

Flowers are not alone, such phenomena are often seen. These events do not reveal the fear of eye shame. But awareness is important.

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